Monday, March 3, 2008

Occupational Hazard

One thing I'd not known would be part of my work
Is the mountain of correction that I'd rather shirk.
I spend many painstaking hours bending
over essays and answers - never ending.

Poring over writing so bad or so tiny
I end up with pain in my eyes and my spiny.
I tear my scant hair in agony to see
Mistakes aplenty, fearless and free.

My simmering rage fanned to fury,
I could hang those brats sans judge or jury.
Grammar mistakes and spelling errors,
Utter nonsense and other terrors
take away the best part of my life,
God! I can't take it - this wretched strife.

But the worst of all these terrible tortures
is when students continue to take language to slaughter.
For returning the marked work, I against hope hopen
they'll heed the correction, their eyes wide open.
But Alas! The saddest torture for a teacher
is that they persist in writing answers all fractured.

So release me, dear Lord, from these tiresome travails,
I'd prefer much rather to lie on sharp nails.
God, when will Thou deliver me from the miseries
of changing the blasted ei's into ie's?

[ This was inspired by Ogden Nash's poem, This Is Going To Hurt Just A little ]


atomicgitten said...

Oh poor dear mentor, you are going mental from all these monstrosities. I would have helped, only i weren't an ocean away. At least you have one student who knows how to spell- Do you percieve how much i beleive in you :p :D.

Happy Birthday once again.

Materialmom said...

AAAARGH! 'Percieve and beleive'I see red.
Thanx again

crazyBugga said...

my scant hair

use parachute coconut oil. atomica tells me tat u r mallu. so u must be knowing.

mountain of correction that I'd rather shirk.

and to think i had u as my role model. Shocking!

My simmering rage fanned to fury

this is the part where i excuse myself to the restroom.

BTW, wow! there IS somethin about teachers afterall, that makes them have a so very clear thought process.

Materialmom said...

Hi Crazybugga
About the oil-will do.
(Bad girl atomic, going around revealing my identity! *frown and glare*)
Do put me back on the pedestal. My words were the ravings of a mad woman after 2 model exams.Usually I'm sane.
The restroom? wonder why...
Teachers being clear in thought process is like cB being crazy.

atomicgitten said...

I plead not guilty!

vaish said...

uh huh touche, dear teacher.Wonder how many of mine wanted to hit me over the head with the X Maths Comprehensive...

Sangeetha Suresh said...

Ur just amazingly written your feelings as a teacher ...