Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Thoughts

Yet another new year comes like a bright trophy placed on the shelf of your life. As you observe its shiny face, you resolve to keep it clean and shining always – knowing all the while that it will collect the minutiae of time and stand undusted like its brothers beside it. That is the wonder of the human spirit – to find new hope despite evidence to the contrary.
Like the two faced (literally) god Janus, I look back at the year that has been relegated to the back row, and like most people see the pain that it offered. Then I dig up memories of good times to make it fair. Next, I find comfort in the thought that both have taught me and made me stronger and wiser (which is just a nicer way of saying older). I’ve burnt many cookies before I learnt to get them right, by which time the kids have grown up and cookies are not the most important things in their life. It is like somebody said, “experience is like having a comb after you go bald.” or something to that effect. Still you marvel at the comb and try to use it on others who prefer an unkempt hairstyle. Sigh, one never learns!
Some joys have been simple, while others have been exciting. My plants have flowered. My children have blossomed. The earth remains, albeit the worse for wear. My work has been appreciated. I have work! Everyone loves me. I still shun medicines, but remain healthy (touch wood). I travelled to new places. Took up new challenges. I have my limbs and faculties, a nice home, a loving family…. The blessing are countless – some deserved and most not. Right now I think the greatest blessing is my heritage. Indian culture, beneath all its stains and corrosions is pure gold. Many wouldn’t agree. All I can say is wait till you are exposed to some others.
As I peer into 2012, like Janus’s second face, I see that it will also be a period offering an assortment of experiences. But the taste of the rotten nuts will not linger, nor will the sweetness of the candy. Here’s wishing everyone a wonderful time this new year.