Thursday, March 13, 2008

Five Great Women-Friendly Ideas

Move over diamonds - today's woman needs better friends.

It was March 8th and I was thinking about great ideas that had helped the Indian woman. I came up with five; shortlisted for their frequency of use, number of users, energy consumption and lack of adverse effects.

Number five on the list of GWFI's would be the restrooms at petrol stations.
Travelling long distances on the road used to be great fun for the men and kids. The Indian ways allowed them to answer nature's call in more ways than one - what with the fresh air and leafy bushes. Who needed privacy when freedom called. All the while the women squirmed in discomfort. Downright unhealthy I tell you. Whoever thought of restrooms on the road deserves the Mr.Considerate Crown.

Coming fourth is the moisturiser. The modern woman works in conditioned climes that leave her skin dry. This is a major toll-taker. And coming to one's help is the trusted cream or lotion that soothes, quenches and revives the epidermis. You can't have enough of it. Moisturise, moisturise moisturise. And moisturise. I'd swear by Dove.

The third GWFI is the handbag. This wonderful article is a boon to women who are expected to carry , apart from currency, id card & licence, also biscuits for the kids, panparag for husband, saridon/gelusil/ lozenges for the family, bindi, safety pins, address book, mobile, keys, pen, post it notes, tissue, perfume, vicks vaporub, rubberbands, hairclips, spare glasses, bills, lists, sanitary pad, towel, handkerchief, comb, lipstick, lucky draw coupons, bandaid, air/train tickets, cheque book, postage stamps, nailfile, scissors, dry cleaners' receipt, photo of husband, children, father, mother, self, loose change, thread, needle, moisturiser etc. And the etc could be a page long. If it is a young mother's bag , add to these : feeding bottle, diapers, spare baby clothes, wet wipes, baby powder, lotion, bonisan, rattle, squeaky toy and much more.

So let's hear it for the lady's bag; it is truly a wonder like its owner.

In the second place is the pressure cooker. She is simply priceless. She saves time and fuel . She retains nutrition. Her new and improved shapes have raised convenience to artistic heights. Hugs and kisses to my dear dear friend. Mmua mua

The winner, hands down, is however the strong , the stable, the silent hero. In the words of a great :) poet.......
He's there when I want him
He never complains
He takes all my dirt
And never shows st(r)ain
He stays in the background
He's never seen
He's my dear, dear friend
My washing machine.

But the show doesn't end. Ideas are waiting in the wings. Here are some of mine: mixie with silencer, sari with pockets, a treadmill that will turn fat into power to run itself, deceptive armour that will stun bottom-pinchers on buses (like the sting ray), lights in handbags so you won't fumble for things, things that will speak up when you search for them, DNA with the fat fixed genes removed and height enhancing ones added, hair that stays on scalp, hair that drops off arms and legs, body parts that defy ageing and gravity, body fat that will fuel vehicles, repellants that actually repel pests (not only of the bug species), roads that can be crossed, a single meal a da............................ SSomebody sstop me


atomicgitten said...

Oh my GOD!Dream post! Though i really think handbag should have got second place. :D

atomicgitten said...

You are tagged :)

crazyBugga said...

everytime i read ur posts i find something new.

if only u were 50 years younger.

if only...


Materialmom said...

Hey Atomic
For the information of anybody who wants to get gifts for me,dont take the 1st line of the post too literally. Diamonds would look real good on me.

Didn't know you liked babies or embryos.
If your comment is a compliment, thanx

~nm said...

Totally there with you on the washing machine! I so dread to wash clothes by hands. You ask me to do anything else..wash utensils, mop the floor, iron the clothes but washing the clothes!

vaish said...

Amen to the treadmill idea. If only that could happen, I wouldn't be cursing calories while trying to stay on the treadmill. But you've forgotten to add the ultra thins to the list. Was that intended? Have I done a booboo?

My most essential would be a keyboard that can type by itself while we recite our thoughts. I find myself coming up with the brilliant of the ideas while riding my bike.

vaish said...

oh and specs finder with alarm that will go off when we hit the button. plz plz les have that!

Materialmom said...

Yes, Vaish, you have done a booboo(whatever that is)The round ones like me cant imagine that the ultrathins have a prob.
Hey I had thought of the living key board as well,so that i could have my coffee and type things too.
Your bike sounds like Vikramaditya's throne.
I dont wear glasses, but the specs finder could help millions of men and women