Saturday, December 14, 2013

Dirty Desert Rain

Dirty desert rain at dawn
You wet the dust on my tulsi leaves
And cake them brown.
They were reared with care
Watered with love
Fed with prayers.
Now look what you've done!
These tainted leaves -
What can they offer?

You descend at dawn when no one enjoys you.
You fall in winter when it's already cold,
Leaving streaks of mud
and gray brown slush
which you should have washed away.
Look at rains in other places -
They clean the leaves
And clear the dust
While all you do is make a mess.

The dusty leaves may fall,
New ones replace them tomorrow,
But they were young - the ones you killed
You think the plant gets over that sorrow?
Well, you've done the deed.
And you have left.
The why's remain -
Pointless, unanswered


AtomicGitten said...

So glad to see an update :D

Your baby tulsi has you to look after her. But for other tulsis out there, the desert rain was the only solace in a harsh country. Your heart bleeds, but you can save your charge. The desert rain saves the others that you can't.

Or we can say it streaks white cars brown and spots windows, so it's an irredeemable pain. Either way, you are right ;-)

AtomicGitten said...