Friday, April 9, 2010

Little hands
Clutch my finger
As I lead through safe pathways

Little hands
Tug at my fingers
To lead in untrod ways

Little hands
With time
They lose
Their trusting touch on mine.

Little hands
Now grown
quite big
Pointing far away

Those fingers long
They grab and pull
I cannot but relent
And enter that heart,
That lovely heart
That's taken mine away

(I found this among stuff written long back)


Anush said...

Atomica not listening to you? :)

AtomicGitten said...

Nice, it's a lot like that other poem about kids growing up that you had written a long time ago. You should put that one up as well. :)

Materialmom said...

haha but didn't you read the clarification within brackets?
Btw, glad you got the poem :)

Thanks much :)
Which poem? don't remember at all