Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Be Nice To Momma

There are some things that never should have been invented. No, not firearms or even the atom bomb for they are not used on a daily basis. The deadly creations that drive mothers like me to frustration are right there in your home, used everyday.

The most exasperating is the MP3 with ear phones. Once the child is plugged shut, he gets impervious to anything, especially entreaties and even shouts to bathe or have meals. And if it is to clean his room I suspect he deliberately plays deaf. No mother can rest assured that her offspring won’t be in an accident with his ears stuffed and not hearing vehicles.

Cargoes irritate me no end. Washing an ordinary pair of trousers itself is a pain, what with four pockets to go through. So cargoes with their numerous pockets is pain multiplied. Besides it is an argument initiator- you, trying to make the child realize how sloppy he looks while he, insisting that comfortable is cool.

Cool is a nice word but there are some words whose inventors must be struck dead. I hate ‘whatever’ ‘Yeah Right’ and of course the four letter ones that I find so disgusting. I also dislike the use of other bad words which has become so common. Sarcasm (whatever, yeah Raait) becomes insulting when it is cliched and devoid of humour and vehemence (four lettered) is uncalled for. If these were used infrequently and appropriately, they might be really expressive and meaningful.

So children, chuck those earphones, dump those cargoes and scrub that dirt off your mouth. Be nice to mama


AtomicGitten said...

I'm always nice to Momma 0:) ;)

ViswaPrabha | വിശ്വപ്രഭ said...

केतु कराळवदनं चित्रवर्णं किरीटिनम्
प्रणमामि सदा केतुं ध्वजाकारं ग्रहेश्वरम्
चित्रवर्नश्शिरः पातु भालं धूम्रसमद्युतिः
पातु नेत्रे पिङ्गलाक्षः श्रुति मे रक्तलोचनः
घ्राणं पातु सुवर्णाभश्चिबुकं सिंहिकासुतः
पातु कण्ठं च मे केतुः स्कन्दौ पातु ग्रहाधिपः

Let what I hear be protected by the red-eyed demon snake (Ketu)!

Materialmom said...

Of course you are kanna :*
U kno what'll make momma happy :)

I know, I should hear no evil. Ketu help me.

ViswaPrabha | വിശ്വപ്രഭ said...

It was meant more for the modern kids than to you! :)

In many ways, Ketu always reminds me the contradictions between what used to be and what it is now when it comes to 'growing up'. Those with MP3 (y)ears should make it a point to chant ketukavacham daily :D

Anush said...

Agree with the mp3 earfones part. They were primarily meant for pedestrians on the sidewalk actually. But its become a must have for everyone now.

Cargos are a grt way of carrying around a lot of stuff, without holding onto a bag :)

and about sarcasm, we face it ourselves :) i tell my brother to do some work around the house and he answers - "Naattamai theerpu sollitaaru pa"

its ******* irritating :P

AtomicGitten said...

you can't get everything you want, now can you :P
And Happy Birthday, once again :)

Materialmom said...

i suppose you are right :)

That brother of yours sounds like a sweet person :P
And it's 'VERY' irritating when you agree with and explain everything!:I I get to do that usually

Thank you :)


You are on campaign and change teenagers! You better do something else.

If the kids were to list out their complaints it would perhaps be a never-ending story,or they would just shrug off the whole thing and look at you as if you are zombie!

Let's just get on judge later!


Materialmom said...

Not judging, simply letting off steam :)
Of course they do have a list of complaints - let them get it off their chest too. We can bridge gaps only if we communicate, no?

Ramya Menon said...

@ Dad: Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.

@ Material Mom: Sometimes, even the all knowing adults are guilty of the said offense. So i agree with u. Down to earphones.