Friday, January 15, 2010

Past Imperfect

As a child I….

…….imagined that 4 had married 5, and 6 was their baby.

……..thought the meaning of yellow was ‘beautiful’.

..…….believed that Anon was a person.

…….yearned to wear out my hawai chappals and Natraj pencils to stubs instead of losing them always.

…….dreaded that my father had a secret family stowed away somewhere.

….. made up my mind to work in a chocolate factory when I grew up.

...…wondered why God wouldn’t or couldn’t speak.

..... loved to play in the servant’s quarters with her children.

……couldn’t understand why I didn’t speak Hindi though I was a Hindu.

…… drew horizontal strokes in a drawing class which earned me a big cross and a bigger zero. My art teacher, Mrs. Daniel, didn’t know that I had tried to draw the wind.
It still hurts.

.... hated the story of the ant and the grass-hopper.


Ay Jay said...

Awwwww..... Honestly that's cute... :) And Kev, till last year or so, he called people who speak Hindi Hindus...

Materialmom said...

Thanx :) It sounds cute now, but was rather confusing then

Anush said...

with a lovable kid such as urself, am sure no dad in the world wud even think of another family :)

AtomicGitten said...

Well, I used to think 'knowledge' was a kind of sausage (talk about food for thought :P)
And Ms.Daniel just didn't have your perspective.Van Gogh would have been proud of you. :D

Jan said...

"dreaded that my father had a secret family stowed away somewhere." :-o !!

And haha, can you believe it, ditto on the Hindi-Hindu thing!

Materialmom said...

My fear was unpardonable. Not that I was loveable but my father was God in flesh and blood. I'd watched a movie in which Sivaji Ganesan's character's family gets a nasty surprise to find he had another family stowed away. Such movies should be restricted to adult viewing I say.

Van Gogh drew nice sunflowers, didn't he? Yes, down with Ms.D

Yes I know, I'm so ashamed of suspecting my poor father.
The hindi- hindu confusion apparently affects many kids.

ThalassicReverie said...

Cute :)

I have written something I have wished to tell you.

You may already be aware of it.

And that line...

'...wondered why God wouldn't , couldn't speak'

brought my intention to action.

Materialmom said...

The line refers a child's expectation to see or hear god just like in the amar chitra katha and other illustrated stories she read.
It was not a spiritual quest or anything.

Swati said...

Very true ..we adults never understand worries of a child and find it all just CUTE

Materialmom said...

Hi Swati
I guess it takes being a mother to realize that :)

Anush said...

u on a blog-break or somethin?

Materialmom said...

I've been unbelievably busy. hope to post sometime soon


Drawing wind was awesome!




Drawing wind was awesome!



Materialmom said...

thanq bata