Monday, April 20, 2009


Peel, wash, cut, chop,
Slice, dice, rinse, drop (oops)
Open, close, search, find (yyess)
Scrape, add, mix, grind…

Simmer boil cook shake,
Look smell feel taste (mmmmm?????)
Season splutter pour fry,
Cool store pat dry…

Wash clean wipe drain,
Sharpen open squeeze strain…

Peel wash cut some more
Slice dice till hands get sore
Open replace, don’t forget
Or you’ll waste time when you cook next….

Simmer boil cook wait
Speed up! you are getting late!
Spilltread eeek slip
Crashbang broken glass!
The kitchen floor is now a mess.
Faster! Faster! Don’t be slow…

Look, It’s gone half past six
Don’t succumb to hysterics.
The bus will come in ten minutes!
Must doll up in three minutes…

Dash and grab the blasted thing
Greet, smile “Oh thank you,
And HAPPY VISHU to you too!” (pant pant…..)

Written last Vishu after keeping the Kani, and (surprising myself by)preparing a sadya of FOURTEEN items.... on a working day.....single handed!!

I did learn from that mistake.


Jay said...

Wow, that was brilliant.
You dont seem to like cooking very much though, i love it. Something about mixing ingredients to create something else delicious draws me to it.

ajmal said...

14 itemssssss???? oh she.. i missed it.....

Materialmom said...

Yes, it does seem like magic.It is also like studies, enjoyable when there isn't any pressure to do it.
Yes, 14 - including the rice, papadam and buttermilk :)
It was all vegetarian & one day I'll fix it for you....then ul HAVE TO eat.

ajmal said...

i am ready!!!... :D

nocturnal_neddy said...

Wow me likey :)
Very well done indeed. I hope cooking isnt as difficult as in sounds! But of course its different wen u do it for fun n when u HAVE to do it.....!

AtomicGitten said...

Well... think about it- now you can feed the family left overs and so abstain from cooking for a week :D

Materialmom said...

Actually cooking isn't all that bad, it just isn't one of my passions; and I don't like doing things without passion.It can be fun, why don't you try?

Yes, and pretend to not hear the groans or see the scowls. I believe in 'REDUCE(distribute to anyone that will take) REUSE (fridge to micowave to dining table) and RECYCLE'(pona machaan thirumbi vanthaan)

AtomicGitten said...

How apt! Yesterday was Earth Day :D

Jan said...

Wow! *awed silence*

I applaud you!

Anush said...

i feel like a 4 year old after reading ur poem :) and tats the beauty of ur writings...

do u run a creche? maybe u cud do tat after work? :P

and hey, i wanted to ask u: dont teachers get bored teaching the same stuff to batch after batch of students?

Materialmom said...

Either you UNDER-stand or you understand!
A CRECHE!!! God forbid!
Thankfully the syllabus gets revised. Besides you don't teach the same thing many times, you try different approaches according to the group and new ideas you get. Actually the teacher also keeps learning.I think other jobs could be worse. Oh i could go on and on.
But yes,one could get tired of the
sameness which is when a teacher should stop and which is one reason why I quit.

Materialmom said...


Bow! *modest smile*



Materialmom said...