Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year!
Hope 2009 will offer peace and stability in the world.
On the personal front, I feel excited about starting out on new ventures.

Incidentally it is also my blog's first birthday. The result of my daughter's persistence, This and That has given me satisfaction. Not being the most systematic person, I used to write stuff and leave them around. Thanks to T&T, they are nicely kept together.

I also got to meet many people and more importantly, new perspectives. I made friends and even frightened (albeit unintended) at least one away [ in my daughter's words 'pissed him off'- (very expressive)- something I've never done in real life. ] I roped some of my students into the writing circle as well.

The blog has been great for my ego (or is it vanity?) too. I even received a very exclusive award (not the usual forwarded and 'foreworded' kind) which had an impact that the prize giver could not have imagined.

I've been asked about the name Materialmom. My identity as a mother keeps me safe and gets me respect automatically. And Material is opposed to spiritual. Also the Material girl keeps re-inventing herself. My blog has done that for me. The thoughts on this blog are my brainchildren and hence I am their Materialmom.

My! I do sound like a teacher, don't I? Sorreee


Jan said...

Greeting, earthling! Take me to your leader... As a new year gift, we the superior creatures of planet Gito will be taking over Earth. You will be allowed to keep your blog because you have greeted us so humbly.

Your new masters,
The Gits.

Anush said...

I refuse to believe that a gentle soul like you has the ability to frighten away or "piss off" people.

ONE YEAR in blogdom! And an ACTIVE and ENTERTAINING one at that!

Here's to one more!

Enjoy 2009 :)

Materialmom said...

Hail Gitling Jan

Many thanks for the benign benevolence.

My humble obeisance to the new masters (whose herald seems to be under the influence of Gito's lunar forces or perhaps the New year 'spirits'or more possibly a reunion of the Gits.?)

Thank you, Anush for the kind words and wishes.

AtomicGitten said...

Happy New Year MaterialMom!!! I wish you the best of every good thing! :D

And Happy Birthday This&That! Oh my! You've grown so big! We'll need to get you new shoes :P
Keep posting:D And Happy New Year!

Diviya said...

Thanks, wish you a great and happy new year!

ThalassicReverie said...

Please help!
Not sure of the answer :
(1)India is the 'third' country to win.
(2)Sonia is the 'eighth' president of India.

I want to form a question , which will answer the word in single quotes.

(1) Which place did India win ?
Something better than this...
and about (2) I am baffled.

Materialmom said...

Dear Reverie
Try this page and do read aswin's comment on page 2

Materialmom said...

and sonia the 8th president of india????

ThalassicReverie said...

Merci beaucoup!

Sonia...8th president..
Uh , actually , someone I know asked me those ;I did not even realise the oddity till now.

Mind was roaming in the jungle of money-making (in a prospective online job (which seems too good to not be a scam) ))