Monday, December 15, 2008

Comfort Zone

It is warm in here,
Dark and cosy,
Insulated from hands that reach,
That probe and find the soft beneath.

Dead to the tug of ties,
Larval oblivion pacifies.
Unscorched by heat
Nor cooled by breeze.

While outside winds wander
And light reveals,
The worm grows wings,
Fated to flutter impotent-
A hyohakusha in a cell,
Too late to tear the wall.

In the swelter,
The blinding darkness,
The cushion of comfort
Stuffed into airways,
Gasping to die -
Aborted in the cocoon.


Jan said...


I actually feel slightly suffocated... Very powerful poem!

Love the contrast between the beginning n the end.

atomicgitten said...

There's only so much difference between keeping safe and being stifled. And more often than not hat line is crossed. Wonder how manry hyohakushas are dying out there...

Materialmom said...

Thank you, Jan.

Atomica, too true.

ThalassicReverie said...

You taught me a new word!



SJ said...
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Materialmom said...

ha ha that would be like teaching a squirrel to climb trees...(old Mallu usage).
The word is Japanese. The oed may not have it

Anush said...

out of the comments that this post has received, i see that atleast 2 out of the 3 are lit grads.

is tat a prerequisite to understand this poem?

i dont mind exposing my understanding of this poem, lemme know if i stand proper:

i re-read it twice now, yet to come to a conclusion. Please do elaborate. Am utterly confused.

Materialmom said...

Anush,I tried elaborating and realised it would take a thesis to do so :)
So I'm waiting for the world to unearth this poem and declare it the work of genius. Then it will be interpreted by lit students in ways I never thought of and if I'm still alive receive a prize or two :)
Meanwhile Atomica's views should suffice.
You re read it twice even without understanding! that poem must be something. :)