Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Fable Of The Greedy Goat

Once upon a time a goat
Lived beside a castle moat.
To chew and eat was the sole purpose
Of this Capra Ae-gag-rus*.

So all day long she would chew
and eat and chew and bleat and poo,
Till one day, in sunny May
She found the meadow had gone gray.

For she'd consumed at such a rate
Seeds hadn't time to germinate.
Gone was all the greenery.
She'd eaten up the scenery!

The goat was now in great despair
She searched for morsels everywhere.
Then she saw the royal clothes
Drying in the wind outdoors.

My lord's corset, My lady's skirt.
The princess's blouse, the prince's shirt
Were objects of the goat's munching,
But the maid's scream cut short her lunching.

Soon the culprit was taken in,
And sentenced for her evil sin.
Thus the tale of our heroine
Ended at the guillotine.

Now gentle reader, learn your lesson:
If you are a glutton, you'll be dead mutton.

* Capra Aegagrus - scientific nomenclature for goat


atomicgitten said...

Er... let me guess- you were asked to cook? Or was it a diet gone wrong? :P

Materialmom said...

Cooking has not made me sad
And a diet has not made me mad.
It's all the fault of Vikram Seth
He makes rhymes go round in my head.

I taught the 'Frog and Nightingale'
That set me on this goaty tale.

ThalassicReverie said...

About to slip,
Into murky waters,
I tried to give me a quip -
To bear the drenching ; something sunny -
And found your tale , rather funny.

The poem you mention ,
Brought to attention:
Pages , voices , classes -
Things I miss ; how time passes!

"As idle as a painted ship
Upon a painted ocean"

"The paddy fields sparkled with the pearls of my elder brother's sweat."

What a pretty picture ,
You made,
In that dark green saree.
The memory never does fade.

Thanks to your goat ,
I wrote nothing for my blog,
Yet balance regained , steady in my boat,
I will be off to sleep ; out of the bog.

Materialmom said...

Hmm The poem was quite juvenile
But I'm glad it made you smile.

Yes, the tenth poems were great
'Twas 12th that I couldn't tolerate.

Now wake up and write a post.

Eid Mubarak!

atomicgitten said...

Enough already with the greedy goat!
His flesh is biryani and his hide a coat.
MaterialMom shirk not you duties,
You're depriving the world of literary beauties.

Janani said...


You see, I discovered that I can't rhyme for nuts! :) Therefore my quartrain, the rules of poetry doth strain.

Jan said...

That ^ was me, by the way :) Forgot that I was signed into a different account

Materialmom said...

Your quartrain, ‘waning’ lyrical,
Methinks delightfully hysterical,
Is music to my ears ’struth:
A clown’s reward is merry mirth.

atomicgitten said...

The "hahaha"s and the word hysterical remind me of a certain time in rainy Kerala and a memorable quest for the Holey grail and streams of grace. :P

Materialmom said...

:) :)
Can't decide if the Quest caused the hysterics or the hysterics added urgency to the Quest.Anyway it was truly spiritual in that we got 'Nirvana' when the Streams of Grace poured. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (getting hysterical at the memory)