Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blog Troubles

‘ @#&*’
‘ *&^%#@!’
My limited/ dormant/ passive vocabulary of bad words is exhausted.
I’ve been using them fluently while I try to post. The reason is my slothful, sluggish computer and the capricious net connection. They abscond when needed and the work has to be redone all over again. Leaving me , the epitome of patience , in a fit of fury. Proof of these failures can be seen in my previous post which is with neither title nor conclusion. ( How shameful!) As for commenting, it is a torture on the nerves.

Worse is that my blog dashboard buttons appear in Arabic! Guessing and clicking is no fun. Besides I have erroneously deleted what I wanted to keep and posted what I didn’t want to , thanks to illiteracy of the Arab tongue. I’ll scream if someone tells me to make a change on the language bar. Because I have. In vain.

While in India, I got a Tata Indicom connection, beguiled by Kajol’s ‘wow, now, how’ ad. But that was a mistake. Infuriatingly ssslllowww!

Now that I’ve vented my anger it feels better. But don’t blame me if this rant appears on my blog.


atomicgitten said...

You have my utter and undying sympathy. Of course this may run dry since now I'm basking in the glorious glow of 24/7 internet :D :D!!!

*oops...maybe i'll just quitely slink away now...*

Materialmom said...

You mean quietly, don't you?
Lucky u, green me.

atomicgitten said...

English teacher!

ViswaPrabha | വിശ്വപ്രഭ said...

This unsolicited advice may be a little late, but never mind, anytime, the same issue of Arabic/English may come back to you.

If and whenever you are stuck with an Arabic (or any other language than English for that matter), one easy way to get back to good old terra firma is:
just add these letters to the end of the URL (the text at the address bar),
That should solve the issue on any google / blogspot related pages.

(The 'en' stands for English.)