Friday, May 16, 2008

Ran(dumb) Thoughts

I have noticed that ......

....Maths teachers wear geometrical print. (Biology teachers go for the floral and leaves motif.)

.....most male bloggers post their photos on their profile. Females seldom do.(How little things have changed!)

.....people who are not attractive in their youth look better as they grow older. ...and vice versa. ( There, you have an aspect of relativity.)

.....Mr.Right is every girl's dream, but Mr. Always Right! is a horror. (Murder in such cases, as in euthanasia should be legalised.)

.....s_ _t has replaced God. ( I exclaim, 'O God'. My kids say, 'O s_ _t'.)

.....people defecate in the open in Chennai. (Rajnikant can solve the problem with a single fiery dialogue on sanitation in his next movie.)

......there is a link between one thought and the next. (Ref the previous two points for evidence.)

.......what is 'reason' to a student is an 'excuse' for a teacher. (Been there, done both.)

.......appearances are deceptive. (Just because John Abraham looks dumb, he doesn't have to be dumb. I know all the young girls will lynch me for that.) is more practical to be pessimistic. (A pessimist is always ready for a crisis, an optimist is taken by surprise.)

........what you've got is just as wonderful as what you might have got.


ThalassicReverie said...

Those were some real interesting ones....
(1)I wouldn't lynch for that slight on J.Abraham ( appearances certainly are deceptive . )
(2) It does help to be pessimistic
(3) I wish I had never known to say 'O s _ _ t' ! :D
So disgusting , literally speaking...

Diviya said...

".....people defecate in the open in Chennai. (Rajnikant can solve the problem with a single fiery dialogue on sanitation in his next movie.)"

Great idea. Wish we had his equivalent in Bombay. Especially for the spitting problem!

atomicgitten said...

Loved the last thought. And yes, teachers can be highly unreasonable regarding valid reasons for a lacunae in the performance of a student. Highly unsupportive of them I say!:P

Swati said...

Interesting thoughts :D Loved it. Laughed loud

Materialmom said...

Yes, reverie, it (3) is disgusting.But then there are worse

Happy to meet you, diviya. Wasn't Munnabhai effective at all?
I read your posts and got a taste of Mumbai.

Hi atom. In the last thot, 'wonderful' can be replaced by 'bad'- but then that would be dismal. :)

Hi swati. Im glad you liked them :)

Freaky Fakir said...

And I've noticed that English teachers prefer pastel shades..!!
Hello ma'am !!

Materialmom said...

Hello Freaky
Im so happy that you are on the blogosphere.
As for eng teachers, they are a class apart- what with impeccable taste and aesthetic sense, Dont you agree?

The Guru said...
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The Guru said...

male bloggers post their photos on their profile because they are not afraid of the can they be..[:)] and the second reason is that if they get to know the face, they may stop visiting their blog..[:)]
optimistic get surprised.. true but they can better handle the situation i feel..

You have nice intutions mom...[:)]
Good post.

Materialmom said...

Hi there guru,
I take it that the face in the second reason is females'. It shows how tolerant females are- they visit blogs despite some of the male faces they see there.

Hey and r u the one that CB flogs on his blog? hats off u peaceloving soul!

Thanx son

Krrish Nanda said...

One thing I've noticed throughout my english textbooks is that in one out of every three poems-there comes a question..."Is the poet optimistic or pessimistic?"...and each and every time the answer is optimistic. What do you have to say for this?