Saturday, April 19, 2008


Dead sobs fled from yawning graves,
Exiled spirits, banished into ennui.
Pang and spasm each aching lub-dub as
Raped heart in silence screams,
Entrenched within parched sighs.
Soul soaked in tears unshed
Stained in sorrow's sad dye.
Inky blood to burn each cell
Oozing puss of pain -
Naked, numbing pain...


atomicgitten said...

That's a post that's totally unlike you!All the first letters of each verse forms-"DEPRESSION". Really Cool!

You ARE alright aren't you? :p

Materialmom said...

Hi atom
you found the acronym - depression!
the poem was a sample for my creativ writng class.Yes I try to be cheerful always.The feelings described were nadir points recollected in tranquility.

ThalassicReverie said...

Depression : well-expressed :)
'Exiled spirits , banished into ennui '
(The line was appealing...)
Have a good day , Ma'am. :)

Materialmom said...

Thanx reverie...
I had to choose between 'banished' and 'escaped'. The former sounde more punishing, while there was irony in the latter.

CM-Chap said...

Why so much depression?

Materialmom said...

hi cm
as i said, I wrote the poem as a sample for my class. The feelings were taken from memories of depressing moments in the past.Also it was the anniversary of loved person who left me.Hence the choice of topic