Saturday, February 16, 2008

Flirting Tips

Another Feb 14th has come and gone. I missed the controversy that the Indian people cook up every year as Valentine's Day approaches. This year there was none of the usual condemning of western culture and accusing them of infiltrating the Bharatiya sanskar.The Saudi Govt did ban its celebration in that country- a great loss for the red rose exporters. My spoilsport school begins the Annual Exam on this date every year. So boys and girls have no time to exchange candy or love-notes; they are busy trying to pass chits and copy, outwitting the eagle-eyed invigilator.

So that's where I was on 14th- in XB, supervising. I'm neither eagle-eyed nor vigilant, but have mastered the art of looking like Iam. So with the strict expression in place, I let my thoughts wander...

They strayed to the significance of the day and went on to the topic of flirting- tips for girls on how to flirt. Here they are:

Flirting is an art,a game.
It's Cupid's arrow's other name.
Every dart carries a flare -
a sexy pout or a brazen stare.
So budding flirts must coach your faces;
never mind that your teeth are in braces.
Teach your lips the flirty action,
your nose to flare in subdued passion.
Don't worry that your hair grows in traces,
as long as you have curves in the right places.
And if your legs are shapely and long,
the attraction is bound to be strong./ the boys will come panting along.

I had got till that when I was called to give extra sheets,putting an end to the profound musing.

These thoughts are the result of keen observation, not my own experience. I never flirted.


crazyBugga said...

one is a good flirt if one makes the person one is flirting with, feel good about himself/herself.

personally, i never went for the hawt looking gals - primarily because of the fact that they always had some work or the other whenever they saw me approaching.

atomicgitten said...

Yes... you must have had a lot of oppurtunities to observe- just before you swooped down on the poor lovebirds. You teachers are the ane of school sallaapams :p

Materialmom said...

Hi cB
'Feel good'? Really? I thought you had to make the person feel thrilled or confused
Good for you Crazybugga, hawt gals aren't always nice and the nice ones needn't be hawt

Hey Atomica
You are so right. It is our pleasure

crazyBugga said...

are u sympathizing with me?

i wil get myself a hawt-lookin gal if thats the last thing i do (it wil be the last thing i do [:P])

Materialmom said...

Yes, cB, I was.
Do take care. Stock up the Burnol and bandaid.